Club Room in Livano property highlighting a beautifully styled coffee table with a large arrangement on top

Design Matters

Volume One

When styling a space, the beauty is in the details. Livano’s in-house interior designer has pulled together some simple ideas that can have a big impact on the look and feel of your home. Please enjoy these curated recommendations and links.


Place brightly colored fruit in a large bowl or platter in a highly visible space, like your countertop or entryway. Whether lemons, granny smith apples, or pomegranates, the spot of fresh color is a simple, impactful touch.


Look for art downloads online or purchase a large coffee table book and remove select pages. One book can provide an abundant and varied collection of frameable art. A large mat and simple frame add immediate sophistication to any print.


Small, intentionally placed objects have a way of making people smile. It could be something purchased or found that reminds you of a trip you took or someone you love.


Interior designers covet the perfect pillow “chop.” Replace your throw pillow inserts with a down — or down alternative — insert to give your living space a professionally styled look. A simple change that makes a big difference.


One way to add interest and pattern to your  bedroom is by adding a rug. It may be counter-intuitive to add “carpet” on top of carpet, but in any Livano model unit you will find area rugs in the bedrooms. 


Rooms look and feel the best when they have a curated effect. When selecting furniture, don’t be afraid to mix wood tones with various materials. Look for woven pieces, metals, and leathers.


Large books add interest when stacked on a table. Make it even more special by placing a beautiful object on one or two stacks.


Introducing different types of lighting makes a room feel charming and warm. Plug-in wall sconces have the elevated appearance of a built-in fixture but plug into a standard outlet.


Candles are a great piece of functional decor. They add ambiance with their subtle flame and delightful scent. Accent with a wick trimmer and a matchbook from your favorite restaurant to add a bit of personality and character.


Decorative trays are some of the most versatile styling pieces in your home. They provide an elegant place to drop your keys, or can turn a decanter collection or home coffee bar into a sophisticated vignette.